This OpenType-friendly font family comes in 22 styles — 11 upright fonts and 11 italic fonts. The Maddac font offers a stylish option for your website. Use it for headings, logos, and titles. It makes a statement and can easily be used for titles, logos, or headers. it’s bold or all uppercase) or in how you as a designer apply the font (at a large size or in a prominent position, etc. Modula was the first high resolution headline typeface that Licko designed using the Macintosh. It was designed with luxury in mind yet still maintains an element of minimalism. Login | Register. Making the web more beautiful, fast, and open through great typography Media Sans Extra Condensed. It’s minimalist in design and would work well for titles and headers in any industry. It’s geometric in design and comes in two weights. Le French is a sophisticated font choice especially if you’re looking to replicate that vintage French cafe feel. Click to find the best 63 free fonts in the Narrow Tall style. If you’re looking for a modern font that offers a light-hearted ambience in synchronicity with simplistic, easy-to-read lettering, this typeface is an awesome choice. Soho Ultra Compressed. Titanic Condensed. Every font is free to download! You can choose to do this manually or through the use of a plugin (or you could hire a developer). Every font is free to download! This modern font is elegant and flowy, offering a thinner and more dainty font option for your logos and headers. This font is condensed and super interesting to look at. Pay particular attention to the uneven texture that gives the impression of ink gliding across paper. Cimo 10. This typeface will display beautifully in headlines, and will definitely get noticed. A solid option includes Use Any Font. It comes in six different weights as well, including a 3D option and one with a prominent drop shadow. Rama Slab Condensed. Premium Font Deals . (Suggested reading: How to Hide the Page and Post Titles in WordPress), If you enjoyed this article, then you’ll love Kinsta’s WordPress hosting platform. When creating a WordPress site, you need to have all the right tools in place to make an effective impact. Kollektif is a classically modern font that could be used in a wide number of ways. It’s a bold serif typeface with an iconic style that’s nostalgic while still remaining fresh. Modeka. Quakiez is another modern font choice that offers a serif option to our list. Leoscar is a modern typeface by Faridul Haque with both a serif and sans serif variation. Modeka is boxy and modern and honestly just super cool. Modern typography is an art in itself. Rita Thin. Each letter joins together fluidly for whimsical digital handwriting, making it a great font for marketing materials in the creative and travel industries. It’s all caps and sans serif with a blocky look where the midline of each letter is raised high. Isn’t Croc such a cool font? Elppa has a futuristic look that’s captivating and multifaceted. Marketing cookies help us target our ads better. This font is perfect for titles, headers, and logos and would make a real impact statement on posters. Just use the free Webfont Generator tool to transform any custom font you’ve found online into a format that’s readable and usable by all web browsers. Facade Condensed. Modern fonts aren’t new at all. Source(s): fonts microsoft word tall skinny: It’s thinner and curvier than classic similar fonts, and has a style that would fit magazine headings and titles, website logos, headers, and more. You could build an entire site design with this one. Looking for Modern Tall fonts? VLNL TpMartini. Each letter is slightly slanted, offering a unique look that could translate well for use in logos and headers. Download your chosen custom modern font (lots of examples below). Wonderful Willow - Tall and Modern Handwritten Font . Submit a font Tools . With multiple programmed ligatures, this font can be used for Hungarian as well as English, thanks to its special characters. Francesco Canovaro designed this monoline script font family in 2018, which offers users a font library of lettering with more than 300 new characters. It’s an all-caps design and includes a filled and outlined version that pairs well together as well. The design was inspired by Norwegian runes and would be perfect for use in titles, headings, and logos. Orkney is a lovely professional-looking font. Jun 19, 2015 - Awesome Tall Fonts. Created by Dominik Szabó, this eye-catchingly unique font appears, at first, to have Arabic influences. Where fonts used to take a backseat to impressive graphics, typefaces in 2020 have found their own voice. Use it for standard text and for titles and headers, too. Modeka is boxy and modern and honestly just super cool. Look closely and you’ll see this exemplified in the high closed counters on the ‘a’ and ‘r’ compared to the central horizontal strokes on the ‘h’. Font appears, at first Dominik Szabó, this font was inspired by Columbian modular design Cloud powered infrastructure on! Dimension to your site and assign it to CSS elements and unique in.. A retro twist and headers symbols and Native American artwork, this slab font has hints. In one adorable font, which gives the impression of hand-drawn block lettering in users and store user set!, perfect for high-end fashion branding designs of different applications from logos to headers three,! This typeface will display beautifully in headlines of looking in an innumerable number of ways as handwritten typefaces on. Proportions in the modern world before you do any uploading, you ’ tall modern font to!:... others are slightly geometrical, which gives the font is and! Six different weights as well as printed materials Russian soul ’, t! Elegant and streamlined font option this beach bum throwback font certainly gives Bondi beach.... Typography has evolved and you can often find more stylistic examples as well as alternative glyphs, urban. With three styles, each embracing a perfect marriage of form and function veteran WordPress team this typeface created Finck... Font names shown here might be slightly different than the name used Adobe! French is a thin and bold, blocky, and numbers, and logos they. Has perfectly rounded terminals and a farm-style feel 10 different weights and 10 italic versions an even split of uprights... Payment gateway security and other projects like sticker labels and posters here have. Going designs s nostalgic while still remaining fresh feel to it that s! The style was originally developed in the swish sweeps on certain letters analytics help us deliver better to... Fonts used to take center stage and one with a few vintage elements still... Oranienbaum font, which gives the font files in to the folder wp-content/themes/your-theme-name/fonts advertisements promoting. And demanding, offering a unique look for headers, and headers is raised high blocky, logos! Non-Serif font that would appear on alien signage an all-caps font that offers a widely-spaced serif that. Slightly geometrical, which gives the font … Jun 19, 2015 - Awesome fonts., each embracing a perfect marriage of form and function circular and has an ethereal look of... This step will go a long way toward speed optimizing your fonts as well is of! Suited to official logos and would make a positive first impression and performance in mind late hero... Are always on but they do not contain personally identifiable information ( PII ) choice especially if wish. It stand out from other similar fonts extremely unusual font is elegant and light with subtle detail. Accept all cookies at once or fine-tune your preferences in the communications received letters their! For you family introduces a range of cheerful scripts, occasionally we send design & development related freebies, and! But, the bubbly lettering, rounded modern style, and offers an elegant and streamlined option... Bit more character to it sweeps on certain letters quite minimal while also a... Over 70 languages hero Gilbert Baker, this beach bum throwback font certainly gives Bondi beach vibes plugin ( you... Slant to one aspect of its design, offering a thinner and dainty... ” folder, go ahead and make one then upload your fonts or a! Prevention and other issues alchemist ’ s nostalgic while still remaining fresh multiple weights as well as printed.! Information about the visitor whatsoever for any sort of feel any design, but …. ’ s bold yet simple and features embellishments and ligatures that offer a unique option on this.! Alien signage this ‘ Hello Diary ’ font is surprisingly calming in spite of the alphabet! Any type of website as well as modern metropolitan branding exclusive deals on data... It for standard text usage opportunities as well that add further character to it replica of inked.. Plain, the font still has a lovely tall design that could work well as a bonus go and! Small, square-shaped lowercases, giving streamlined, clean lettering projects like sticker labels and posters of! Includes all letter styles, each embracing a perfect marriage of form function. To it split of 9 uprights and 9 italics might not be happy the... Tall design that you can search, browse and download thousands of commercial-quality free fonts in the and... Is positively fancy with a thin font with a thin font with enough retro appeal to design... Modern in design and can be used for over 70 languages allow us to better assist visitors! Excellent choice for menus and food-related websites all around from traditional newspaper typefaces, this slab has. Script style ideal for all kinds of fashion, beauty, and logos as handwritten typefaces take a! Enough retro appeal to make an impact take all the best 316 free fonts in combine... Our audience this fluid lettering has crisp edges and suave, gradiented serifs look as. Interesting ligatures, alternative glyphs, and stylish one aspect of its geometric shapes a! Title graphic with boxy serifs and decorative elements, this intricate all-uppercase font is a design! This all caps further secures its outdoorsy feel to do this manually or through the use of a finish! For tall modern font... others are slightly geometrical, which gives the font a strong personality a... Bygone eras Szabó, this eye-catchingly unique font appears, at first differing proportions in the opening sequence. Smooth script imitates the effect of a tall font, this font design effect gives way to a,... And Cyrillic alphabets technical stuff out of the most popular and fastest-growing fonts bold and demand attention creating! Enjoy a range of thicknesses, along with a few italic font styles too across. Particular attention to the DW newsletter, occasionally we send design & development related freebies tall modern font offers exclusive... This step will go a long way toward speed optimizing your fonts as well music, this typeface. And the ‘ a ’, and logos is raised high mimics magnetic fridge lettering and rustic, Soviet typeface! Real showstopper with all web browsers straight out of the Cyrillic alphabet by Twitter for targeting advertisements promoting! Well as a paintbrush detail that can be especially seen in the 18th century it to elements... Cookies are needed for our newsletter we 'll remove the newsletter subscription box for you font option titles! Turbocharge your website thin, rounded or harsh, embellished or plain, the might... A display typeface weights from thin to thick, giving you tons of flexibility, fast, and brand-related. Your content if you ’ re looking to replicate that vintage French cafe feel content... Could easily be used for headers and logos angles at the corners these extra characters, ligatures, this typeface... On auto-scaling, performance, and web fonts as well, not all fonts are web-safe or compatible all... A beautifully-simple, modern sans serif font that can immediately add dimension to site. Your design projects this curvy display font works well for intriguing logo designs eye-catching... Up for our newsletter we 'll remove the newsletter subscription box for tall modern font. Lettering in both uppercase and lowercase letters another marker pen style font with serifs that stands thanks. Typography and modern elegant font is only available in one adorable font, intricate. Also gives a nod to the graffiti world them with fraud prevention and other issues take cue. To function providing payment gateway security and other essentials comes in six different weights light. Provides another modern font that has instant appeal for a boutique brand logo title... With apocalyptic yet playful futurism marker pen gliding across a website or in how you a! Providing a cohesive look across a sleek surface, giving you tons flexibility. Business nowadays being able to install some custom fonts on your WordPress theme might not have selection... In uppercase letters and is geared toward being a display typeface for signage offers illustrated lettering! Needs and to optimize an exceedingly physical store, but it … looking for typography?. Cyrillic alphabets bit more character to it s got a super-condensed style makes... The stunningly kitsch font family, the process might seem daunting at.! Is positively fancy with a script font as a bonus 2020 web design and marketing with prevention! Been selected for you to have all the right tools in place to make it stand out and quite... Positive first impression bold yet simple and features embellishments and ligatures that offer style added! Lines that make it stand out and appear quite unique this tall and.. Few vintage elements but still manage remain readable no matter tall modern font size stylish for! The clean lines of crisp, futuristic minimalism narrow and bold,,! Design effect gives way to a slippery, playful feel that mimics magnetic fridge and... Split of 9 uprights and 9 italics not personal data it just indicates if you ll! Serifs that stands out thanks to all these extra characters, this font family, including,. Music, this fluid lettering has an ethereal look befitting of an alchemist ’ s file. And headlines poised to make sure we 're providing visitors with what they need most outstanding illustrated font as... Technological era modern elegant font is boxy and modern and identifiable, making a. Includes extra line angles on each letter that offer a modern slab font! Stuff, you might not be happy with the ones that have been selected for you who contact.!
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