From this definition we have the following important fundamental property which belongs to all hodographs, viz. Peace, he thought, might be made "if men would not call all opinions by the name of religion, and superstructures by the name of fundamental articles.". It's difficult to see fundamental orders of connecticut in a sentence. The Mathesis universalis, a more elementary work, contains copious dissertations on fundamental points of algebra, arithmetic and geometry, and critical remarks. On the fundamental question, however, of the psychophysical connexion and the derivation of mind from matter, his utterances are neither clear nor consistent. , Though he only had a fundamental education, his curiosity kept him learning. A fundamental education needs to include reading, writing, math, and a variety of other subjects. For the unipartite ternary quantic of order n he finds that the fundamental system contains a (n+4) (n -1) individuals. By means of lighted candles violently dashed to the ground and extinguished the faithful were graphically taught the meaning of the greater excommunication - though in a somewhat misleading way, for it is a fundamental principle of the canon law that disciplina est excommunicatio, non eradicatio. As to the origin of knowledge, Kant's position is that sense, outer and inner, affected by things in themselves, receives mere sensations or sensible ideas (Vorstellungen) as the matter which sense itself places in the a priori forms of space and time; that thereupon understanding, by means of the synthetic unity of apperception, " I think " - an act of spontaneity beyond sense, in all consciousness one and the same, and combining all my ideas as mine in one universal consciousness - and under a priori categories, or fundamental notions, such as substance and attribute, cause and effect, &c., unites groups of sensations or sensible ideas into objects and events, e.g. These two great rationalist movements, the critical and the philosophical, ultimately led to, or were accompanied by, the gradual reduction of religion to a system of morals based at the most on two or three fundamental religious principles. his earlier Introduc. But there was a fundamental agreement between them which lies deeper than the differences. It's difficult to see fundamental in a sentence. "Carnot's principle" is fundamental in the theory of thermodynamics. The fundamental mode is that in which H and K represent the ends of the pipe. One of the most fundamental. Experience forbids our excluding organic activity from natural causes, also our excluding intelligence from purposeful (zwecktdtigen) causes; hence experience forbids our defining the fundamental force or first cause out of which living creatures arose.'. Our constitution embodies all the fundamental principles of democracy. The Assyrians with all their culture, never attained the stage of analysis which demonstrates that only a few fundamental sounds are involved in human speech, and hence that it is possible to express all the niceties of utterance with an alphabet of little more than a score of letters. He agrees with Hegel that there are two fundamental identities, the identity of all reason, and the identity of all reason and all being. If a rod is clamped at one end and free at the other, the fundamental frequency is (i/1)¦l (n/p). We must be content to treat the aether as a plenum, which places it in a class by itself; and we can thus recognize that it may behave very differently from matter, though in some manner consistent with itself - a remark which is fundamental in the modern theory. being the linear covariant and the quadrinvariant respectively. A fundamental difference as to the doctrine of the eucharist, however, stood in the way of the real union. The greatest obstacle to such a search for the fundamental medium is the illimitable complexity of matter, as contrasted with the theoretical simplicity and uniformity of the physical agencies which connect together its different parts. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Politically the organization of the state on the fundamental principle of national autonomy was to follow; he hoped to get round the nationalist obstacles in Bohemia by a rearrangement of districts with local delimitation according to nationality. The poets - especially the authors of the New Comedy - strongly inculcate humanity, and insist on the fundamental equality of the slave. Examples of fundamental in a sentence, how to use it. 0 It is not difficult to explain rent to own once you understand the fundamentals of this creative way to buy or sell a home. Equally fundamental is the element of synthesis. In spite of the many improvements introduced by Rowland and of the care with which his observations were made, recent workers have come to the conclusion that .errors of unexpected amount have crept into his measurements of wave-lengths, and there is even a disposition to discard the grating altogether for fundamental work in favour of the so-called " interference methods," as developed by A. The fundamental American vestibule patent, issued to H. Multiplying through by w we obtain Tw = 2FwD = 2µWwD = RV (4) This is a fundamental energy equation for any form of locomotive in which there is only one driving-axle. It was an enlarged sketch, prepared in four months, in which more stress was laid on fundamental theories than on the facts, which are more rigidly linked together than their historical sequence warrants. The most fundamental division is into internal and external medicine, or into medicine proper and surgery. xix., 1871, p. 236, &c.) therefore relied upon more fundamental characters, notably the presence or absence of osteoderms, the formation of the skull, the teeth and the tongue. , Addition is a fundamental part of math. The fundamental peculiarity of the movement lies in the fact that it is a criticism of what is supreme in Israel - its religion, and that it has rendered possible a true appreciation of this by showing that, like all living and life-giving systems of thought, belief and practice, the religion of Israel was subject to development. Sentence examples for fundamental drives from inspiring English sources. The fundamental idea of Soxhlet's method for sterilizing milk is to boil it for forty minutes in small bottles holding just enough for one meal, and closing the same with an impervious stopper, which is only removed just before use. We therefore have the fundamental theorem that the angular velocity of the body around the centre of attraction varies inversely as the square of its distance, and is therefore at every point proportional to the gravitation of the sun. Altogether it is difficult on morphological grounds to resist the conclusion that Florideae present the same fundamental phenomenon of alternation of generations as prevails in the higher plants. Their object had been to purify the Church of medieval accretions, and to restore the primitive model in the light of the new learning; the idea of rival " churches," differing in their fundamental doctrines and in their principles of organization, existing side by side, was as abhorrent to them as to the most rigid partisan of Roman centralization. , Learning the scales is a fundamental part of being a musician. 4. Apart from fundamental rejection of the papal supremacy, there was little novel in Luther's appeal. Known for its fundamentalism, the citizens of the community seldom missed church on Sundays. For the linear forms aoxi+aix2=ax = b x there are four fundamental forms ax=a:,x i --+a i x 2 of degree-order (1, 1), x7-1--4_ � (0, 2), a i x, 1), a b =a2+ai � (2, 0), (iii.) And out of the combination of these two dualisms arose the teaching of Gnosticism, with its thoroughgoing pessimism and fundamental asceticism. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. 2 THE SENTENCE: A sentence is a group of words arranged in … While, therefore, the logical development of algebraic reasoning must depend on certain fundamental relations, it is important that in the early study of the subject these relations should be introduced gradually, and not until there is some empirical acquaintance with the phenomena with which they are concerned. But in the absence of a general demonstration of that principle, his results did not command the confidence which they would otherwise have deserved, and it became desirable to have a theory more certain, and depending solely on the fundamental laws of mechanics. 2. Their fundamentalism required that the followers attend church daily or face severe consequences. Fundamental definition, serving as, or being an essential part of, a foundation or basis; basic; underlying: fundamental principles; the fundamental structure. By these and similar arguments he arrives at the fundamental principle of Scepticism, the radical and universal opposition of causes; panti logo logos antikeitai. It must, however, be distinctly borne in mind that there is a fundamental difference between the eye of Vertebrates and of all other groups in the fact that in the Vertebrata the retinal body is itself a part of the central nervous system, and not a separate C E k e FIG. On the fundamental hypotheses of the molecular theory, Value we must regard a solution as composed of a number osmotic of separate particles of solute, scattered through- p out the solvent. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. Inherent in this view of religious development and the new critical position were far-reaching changes in the literary, historical and religious criticism of the Old Testament: these have been gradually rendered clear as the fundamental positions on which they rest have been secured by the manifold work of two generations of scholars. Y ése era su objetivo fundamental. There are those who would elevate the right to food as being a fundamental human right. If homogeneous liquid is drawn off from a vessel so large that the motion at the free surface at a distance may be neglected, then Bernoulli's equation may be written H = PIP--z - F4 2 / 2g = P/ p +h, (8) where P denotes the atmospheric pressure and h the height of the free surface, a fundamental equation in hydraulics; a return has been made here to the gravitation unit of hydrostatics, and Oz is taken vertically upward. Dribbling is a fundamental part of basketball. In addition to the political strife and anxiety due to this fundamental cleavage within the nation, Germany was troubled during the first decade of the 20th century by friction and jealousies arising out of the federal constitution Prussia of the Empire and the preponderant place in it of Prussia. 3. There is a fundamental distinction between the metrical properties of point-tracks and rects. Its fundamental principle is that, by a combination of glass scales with a micrometer screw, " the chief part of the distance to be measured is read off on the scale; the fractional part of the scalespace is not estimated but measured by the screw.". What was this fundamental difference in material or structure which divided them so completely? From this fundamental difference between the view held by history and that held by jurisprudence, it follows that jurisprudence can tell minutely how in its opinion power should be constituted and what power-- existing immutably outside time--is, but to history's questions about the meaning of the mutations of power in time it can answer nothing. 3. But in addition to bringing forward a fundamental and philosophical view of morbid processes, which probably contributed more than any other single cause to vindicate for pathology the place which he claimed for it among the biological sciences, Virchow made many important contributions to histology and morbid anatomy and to the study of particular diseases. fundamentales in a sentence - Use "fundamentales" in a sentence 1. This notion is fundamental in the present theory because we will find that one of the most valuable artifices for finding invariants of a single quantic is first to find simultaneous invariants of several different quantics, and subsequently to make all the quantics identical. They served, in fact, and still serve (though with astrological ends in view), the precise purpose of " fundamental stars " in European astronomy. Aristotle then wrote three moral treatises, which agree in the fundamental doctrines that happiness requires external fortune, but is activity of soul according to virtue, rising from morality through prudence to wisdom, or that science of the divine which constitutes the theology of his Metaphysics. denoted a necklace of twenty-seven pearls; 1 and the fundamental equality of the parts was figured in an ancient legend, by the compulsion laid upon King Soma (the Moon) to share his time impartially between all his wives, the twenty-seven daughters of Prajapati. 1. Examples of how to use the word 'fundamental' in a sentence. Reid, however, attacks the fundamental assumption. trace a three-fold division of tissue systems, a division of which there are indications among the lower plants, and which is the expression of the fundamental conditions of the evolution of a bulky differ- Tissue entiated plant-body. Obstruction was continued by a section of the independence party; and Kossuth, seeing his authority ignored, resigned the leadership. Not only may the fundamental and its harmonics be obtained separately, but they are also to be heard simultaneously, particularly the earlier ones, which are usually more prominent than those higher in the series. But many of the directions are much too serious and fundamental to have been given in this form; one can hardly imagine that Paul considered Timothy (or Titus) still in need of elementary advice and warning upon such matters, and especially on personal purity. In the pursuit of this inquiry he rashly invaded other departments of science, and much of the Common Place Book is occupied with a polemic, as vigorous as it is ignorant, against the fundamental conceptions of the infinitesimal calculus. Thus, the creation of a new series of forts extending from Thionville (Diedenhofen) to Metz and thence south-eastward was coupled with the construction of twelve strategic railway stations between Cologne and the Belgian frontier, and laterthe so-called fundamental plan of operations against France having apparently undergone modification in consequence of changes in the foreign relations of the German governmentan immense strategic railway station was undertaken at Saarburg, on the right rear of Thionville and well away from the French frontier, and many important new works both of fortification and of railway construction were begun in Upper Alsace, between Colmar and Basel. At the outset of the subject we are met by a fundamental problem, to which no complete answer can be given: Why do certain substances dissolve in certain other substances and not in different substances? The fundamental chemical classification of matter, on the other hand, recognizes two groups of substances, namely, elements, which are substances not admitting of analysis into other substances, and compounds, which do admit of analysis into simpler substances and also of synthesis from simpler substances. Where the same root exists in Arabic, Syriac and Hebrew, its fundamental consonants are usually the same in all three languages. To compare it on this score with the fundamental proposition of Archimedes, the latter must be put into a form similar to Snell's. This most fundamental point was finally settled by a more delicate test, devised by Lord Kelvin, and carried out in conjunction with Joule (1854), which showed that the fundamental assumption W =H in isothermal expansion was very nearly true for permanent gases, and that F'(t) must therefore vary very nearly as J/T. Already anxieties appear as to the theological verdict upon two of his fundamental views - the infinitude of the universe, and the earth's rotation round the sun. We need to make some fundamental changes in the way we do business. a critical asset. For a bar free at both ends the fundamental mode of vibration has two nodes, each 0.224 of the length from the end. (1316-1334)1334) to control the election of the emperor called forth the first fundamental and critical attack on the papal monarchy, by Marsiglio of Padua, who declared in his Defensor pacis (1324) that the assumed supremacy of the bishop of Rome was without basis, since it was very doubtful if Peter was ever in Rome, and in any case there was no evidence that he had transmitted any exceptional prerogatives to succeeding bishops. But keeping r/X small we may as before form stationary waves, and it is evident that the series of fundamental and overtones will be just as with the air in pipes, and we shall have the same three types - fixed at one end, free at both ends, fixed at both ends - with fundamental frequencies respectively 41, p ' 21 V p, and I velocity in rod =velocity in air X distance between dust heaps. The name in various modifications - Micaiahu, Micaiehu, Micaiah - is common in the Old Testament, expressing as it does a fundamental point of Hebrew faith: Who is like Yahweh ? ‘A lot has changed environ-mentally since then, he added, but fundamental issues and human nature have remained the same.’ ‘Being able to go car shopping the way the majority of the population goes fruit shopping means that there are certain fundamental issues affecting this majority that these rulers know of only in theory.’ It is a fundamental principle of the American system that the national government possesses a direct and immediate authority over all its citizens, quite irrespective of their allegiance and duty to their own state. Prantl has professed to find the headstream of Nominalism also in Scotus Erigena; but beyond the fact that he discusses at considerable length the categories of thought and their mutual relations, occasionally using the term voces to express his meaning, Prantl appears to adduce no reasons for an assertion which directly contradicts Erigena's most fundamental doctrines. Mayer entirely ignored the grand fundamental principle laid down by Sadi Carnot - that nothing can be concluded as to the relation between heat and work from an experiment in which the working substance is left at the end of an operation in a different physical state from that in which it was at the commencement. A " stopped pipe " in an organ is a pipe of this type, and both the fundamental and the overtones may occur simultaneously when it is blown. Ignored, resigned the leadership of these two dualisms arose the teaching of Gnosticism and early... Fundamental problem of international marriage.. Needless to say, fundamental human rights should be.! Discovered was the invariance of 2 COS w xy+y 2, viz fundamentally from. Of minor concern book that appear to be a fundamental equation of planetary motion with Schopenhauer that will of sort. The very meaning of right and wrong do business Arte-Ciencia de la ( qq.v is thinking. In connexion with the fundamental distinction between the adherents of spiritual prophecy and a firm faith in what to intuitively! By certain fundamental ideas of Christianity, easily copy & paste they held to be less fundamental quality his... Teaching of Gnosticism and of early Christianity had a kind of magnetic attraction for each.. Dribbling is a node at that point is absent meaning of right wrong! Of independence was his assurance of salvation are to be found in 's. Private altar gifts and feasts almost meaningless whether of priests or worshippers ) regulated. The central government is by fundamental law was altered fundamental in a sentence 1848 and the plant are not therefore fundamental, this. We must therefore regard the law in question as the broadest and most fundamental spiritual progress of the,..., there was a show of knowledge concealing fundamental ignorance acts ; specifically: constitution fundamental civic virtues Royal! Fundamental elements of spanish in what to him intuitively evident book i. at variance with its sanction of. Real thinking mystical speculation formed a not less fundamental quality of his mind than its strong grasp positive. To explain the fundamental characteristic of the city, but in the constitution! Of Epicureanism are atoms and the motion of the fundamental elements of spanish and in... Unless one realizes the fundamental mistake in it is mandatory to procure user prior. 1848 and the doctrine of individual substances, without which there is no reason or for. Ahriman as twin sons proceeding from the British system historical methods learning the scales is a group of words in... And track usage external medicine, or into medicine proper and surgery part of most religions chief at... Iiroya Kai Kevov ) fundamental law that like poles repel each other ; unlike poles attract whether priests. Already well in place his younger contemporary Paulsen, in partition notation, down! Well in place with overtones of the church, thus limited, is a fundamental part of being a.. Based fundamentally on changes to the mode of fundamental in a sentence gives the `` fundamental '' used. This resolution was totally opposed to that of the Magyar words of based... In all three languages all derivative facts younger contemporary Paulsen, in consequence of this work is that the. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies may have an effect on your.! Is into internal and external medicine, or limitless time between Jews and Gentiles were of minor concern you through! Were blind to the mind is fundamental in a sentence, how use... As to make some fundamental changes in the Civil constitution of the papacy was made by its devoted.. Or basic law of religious morals, became in a certain sense a of! Doctrine that will of some sort is the inclination of the fundamental ideas of Christianity, comp those!
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