That's why we will accept a return for your money back within 14 days of your receiving it. Includes seat strap. The bassoon uses a combination of several techniques, including disengaging the whisper key, half-holing, flicking, and venting. Nice deep and warm tone, most new pads. This adds strength to the joints and helps protect them against damage. I'm used to playing a Fox Renard 220, and this is a Schreiber S16. 99. -Chicago Symphony Orchestra Bassoon Section "You will instantly be a better player. Wing Joint - Thumb rollers: C#, Whisper Key Wing Joint - additional roller: Middle A Key Threaded Stem Wooden Hand Rest Boot Joint - additional 2 rollers on the Low E Key Balance Hanger MB bassoon case Two Bell bocals Please feel free to contact me for additional information :) Can be tried in Boston, New York and Vienna - available from January or February 2021 . 100% Upvoted. $4.50 shipping. Place your bocal the appropriate place in your case. While flicking is used to slur up to higher notes, the whisper key is used for lower notes. Tempest Agility Winds Alpine Resin Bassoon, High D Key, Whisper Key Lock, Full German Nickel-Silver Key … Both are using the left hand thumb. My Fox Renard had on for the right hand, but I rarely utilized it. 10 watching. or Best Offer. This thread is archived . $1,451.99 $ 1,451. Instead of the usual hole with a post through it, the bassoon has a key that goes around the boot joint, thus eliminating the A flat hole on the thumb side of the boot joint. Watch. This causes turbulence and that is the last thing you want to have in your bassoon. Bassoon,Muslady C Key Maple Wood Body Woodwind Instrument with Reed Cleaning Cloth Carrying Case. It adds an extra option besides the whisper key lock and reduces fatigue in the repeated transition from low note thumb position to the flick key thumb position. Your Review Title . Watch. All new pad. Ab-Bb Trill Key $1500 Eb trill key, left hand, $575 Eb trill key, right hand, $650 Eb trill key, left and right hands, $1350. I didn't break it. But..Pulling out the bocal creates an air chamber in the socket. $1,399.99 $ 1,399. Whisper Key: It is possible to also play any pitch which normally requires the whisper key, without that key. these are rare to find used and rare to find here on ebay. However, the octave key on the bassoon (called the whisper key) is opposite to the other woodwinds in that it is on in the low register and comes off for the higher registers. And more unfortunately, I'm in college and I don't live around here, and neither does my bassoon repair guy. $54.99 shipping. FREE Shipping . The lock revolves around a vertical axis. report. French whisper key and an unusual alternate A flat key mechanism. Remove your bocal by holding just above the cork and whisper key hole. Whisper Key Rod. Taking the bocal by the curved part (the strongest part) insert it into the tenor joint. I finally decided to rent a bassoon and start up again. These Pads Measure: 12.0mm X 14.5mm. Students often forget to hold down the Low D key and the note is unstable. Turbulence disturbs a smooth flow of the air. It's pitchy, but I can work with that for now. Only 1 left! "-Ron Klimko, IDRS Editor "There's everything to recommend its usage on all present day bassoons. Écoutez de la musique en streaming sans publicité ou achetez des CDs et MP3 maintenant sur Is this related to the breaking in of the bassoon and the changes in the wood? Youtube: Sold: Huller : Standard German system, newly refinished, maple body with nature wood grain. Brass Tenon Caps on all Joints … Brass tenon caps are placed on all of the ends of the bassoon joints. The bassoon is a perfect choice for advanced and professionals alike. If the Bassoon has one, lock it now. The whisper-key mechanism on this model has gliding rollers that linked both the whisper key mechanism and the low E key on the B and Bb key long. The touch location is similar to the type 2 lock; only the manner of movement is different. For High D-flat (above the staff) you will not use the Low D key if using the (better) long D-flat fingering. 5601: 1: 5606: Whisper key lock in addition to left pinky whisper key. MIRABSN – USED MIRAFONE BASSOON # 2172. Review MIRAFONE BASSOON # 2172. It also has a roller between the whisper key and c sharp key. FREE Shipping. Cancel reply. $28.05 shipping. Appearing in its modern form in the 19th century, the bassoon figures prominently in orchestral, concert band, and chamber music literature. here is a moosmann fagottino model 92a mini bassoon in the key of f. it is sometimes called a tenoroon or a childs bassoon or a kinder bassoon. Make sure you hold the top key so that the overlapping keys do not bind. High E. This is an excellent bassoon for an emerging professional or any player looking for a top quality bassoon. My teacher told me that on all of his previous bassoons, the long whisper key rod on the wing joint always became slightly loose and had some room to move up and down after a year or two. 5. Take the bell and slide into the top of the bass joint. Additional trill keys. Try playing that note with the whisper key closed. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. Short bore, free flexible sound. Bassoon Reed Case for 10 Reeds. I have never played a German bassoon with a French whisper key, but I do play the French bassoon. White, Leather, Oval Shaped Pads for Whisper Keys. Bassoon,C Key Bassoon Fagotto Woodwind Instrument with Maple Wood Body. It is critical that you shake the bocal carefully as to not hit it on anything. This key operates the vent on the crook, and when it was introduced, it was an advance over not having any octave key at all. Moennig Brothers Bassoon Artist Special Whisper Key w/ Case. lined tone holes. The octave d is probably the most dramatic example of the problem. The superior antique finish of this model adds glamour to the overall design. 3.3 out of 5 stars 3. Similarities to the bassoon: Where your fingers go on the bassoon : Familiarity through your Fingers. High D and E key, 4 rollers: 5609: Rollers for both hands, high D key, French whisper key; right hand whisper key lock. Even scale and easy to play. Anyone who has tried playing these notes when their whisper key lock is set knows about them. This bassoon has a standard key system. Watch. $49.75. However, it is a very poor substitute for a true octave system. $1,999.99. Custom Bassoon Reed Case - Holds 5 Reeds. These problems are all caused by the inadequate octave system on the bassoon, and center around the whisper key, also called the octave key. Many of the inconsistencies you will hear in a student's playing stem from the fact that they have not yet mastered the techniques required to fix some basic bassoon fingering problems. Right Hand whisper Key Lock Type 3, Silver Plated The type 3 right hand whisper key lock operates in a rotary manner. please see the pics for the keywork. Oval Whisper Key Pad … The oval-shaped key allows the bocal to be positioned over a greater range for better intonation. The little finger whisper key, or french whisper key; should become a standard key on the bassoon. It also disturbs the vibrations and pressure waves we want. B33 Oval Whisper Key Pads A Hard To Find Item for Bassoons. £21,000.00: Available: BN10368a: Puchner: Model 24 Top spec Puchner Bassoon. Make sure you hold the whisper key down when inserting as it will tear the the pad. The saxophone uses the register key where the bassoon uses the whisper key. The bassoon, possibly more than any other instrument, has a huge selection of possible key options. Adler Sonora bassoon features a high D key and whisper key lock. this is the model that has a whisper key like a regular bassoon. 2 comments. Look at the lengths to which we go to close this key. It's a school instrument that came like this. Unfortunately, my private teacher is out of town until next week, so I can't talk to him about it. The left thumb key is an F for the bassoon and a C for the Sax with the second finger down. It's very urgent that I fix it, because I have a concert this weekend (and my whisper key sticking down is totally messing up my upper register). Very steady intonation and smooth scales. Another very common, easy to solve, problem is a sharp edge at the wide end of the bocal. Carefully shake out any access spit in the bocal. hide. Your email address will not be published. This Schreiber bassoon with its excellent intonation and wonderful sound offers the musician the best possibilities for further development. Required fields are marked * Your Rating. Whisper Key | c sharp | e flat | Half Holes | Alternate Fingerings | Register Keys (Venting) | Resonance Key. The nipple must be closeable with the whisper key. Technical specifications . Fox Model 51 Bassoon Overhauled with all new pads! Your … The opening to the Marriage of Figaro Overture comes to mind. Assisted by the German acoustic researcher Gottfried Weber, he developed the 17-key bassoon with a range spanning four octaves. share. Saxophone: Bassoon : Compare the bassoon D to the saxophone C#. From the A ♭ right below middle C and lower, the whisper key is pressed with the left thumb and held for the duration of the note. Middle D-flat: Make sure they are squeezing the whisper key, C# key AND the low D key. Used in the Burton article Graphing the Bassoon Bore. Heckel Biebrich vintage pre war CC2 … It is known for its distinctive tone colour, wide range, variety of character, and agility. Some Basic Bassoon Fingering Issues. From this model upwards all instruments have a whisper key lock, a second ring-finger Bb key and and C# trill key for the left hand index finger. Little finger whisper key system, $1500 Right thumb whisper key spatula, $1000 Whisper key lock, right hand, $250 Whisper key lock, left hand, $300 Whisper key system, $1500. 10 watching. or Best Offer. 99. I think anything involving C#s will be much easier on a German bassoon with a French whisper key. Semi-professional bassoon, high D key, whisper lock, D/Eb trill key. New gig bag. .126" Thick. Identical to the model 23 but without the Ab/Bb trill key. Here I will attempt to break down the most popular options for Heckel and Fox bassoons. Left Hand Whisper Key Lock; 4 Rollers Hand rest; 2 Bocals – Schrieber KE 1 & Fox CTX Double Star 3; Made in Germany; Has great sound and Intonation! Brand: Fox. Découvrez Whisper Key Rock de The Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet sur Amazon Music. Determining the differences between some similar keys, or if you need a particular option, can be a daunting task. Unlike the register/octave keys of clarinets, saxophones, and oboes, disengaging the whisper key usually isn't enough to ensure clean articulation, clear response, and good intonation. the bassoon really demand that the whisper key vent hole must be open. New Protec Case. Also one can hold the “flick” key and the whisper key at the same time for venting, instead of flicking. save. $2,649.00. New Swabs and Cleaning Cloth; SOLD!!!! Jim Laslie: 5611: 1: 5614: 562x: 1: 5621/5: 1: Long bore: Added rollers between the whisper and C♯ keys, and between the low D and C keys. I just started at the beginning of this month and I wanna become good on it, but to play correctly I need my whisper key for higher notes. Rollers. Once or twice will suffice. Remove your seat strap or neck strap and place on the floor near you. The bassoon is a woodwind instrument in the double reed family that plays music written in the bass and tenor clefs, and occasionally the treble. Case with shoulder strap, and two bocals: one marked"Heckel BIEBRICK 2 V C D" and a second marked"W Schreiber& Sohne NAUHEIM 2 M K E R" Finding the right bassoon can be hard. 4. $25.00. My only issues is the Schreiber has a left hand whisper lock key, which I'm completely unused to.
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