Ask: Do you remember the last time someone went out of their way to do something for you? The goal of this game is to keep your two plates balanced while trying to knock the other students out of the game. You can even recruit the other students to help you pass out rewards for students caught being kind. One of the most important character strengths a kid can learn is compassion, or the ability to sympathize with others' feelings.Although many video games focus on violence over acts of kindness, many out there can help kids see other viewpoints, celebrate others' traditions, and learn about how tough it is to be bullied or discriminated against. Helping Others Game - You will need a basket, blocks, or other items. Mar 4, 2013 - Children's Game Ideas for Helping Others and Kindness | . (Take action. Make sure that you have a lot of items for the children to use to fill up in the basket in a short amount of time. How can you help that person?4. Game – Jingle Who? but David W. from Fayetteville, NC says his youth team. This game is useful for teaching kids that receiving credit for their good deeds is not as important as the deed itself. They cannot touch the blind person or the ingredients, but they can talk to blindfolded person. Waiters and waitresses make a living by serving others and sometimes their job can be difficult depending on how great their customers are acting. You can use the talents you’ve been given to bless someone else… sing at an assisted living residence, crochet a blanket for a pregnancy center, or volunteer to tutor at an after-school program for younger students. The lesson also includes a powerful closing activity that will really help the message stick. Many of these can be adapted for use in the home as well as the classroom. 1. church youth group lessons and activities, 2 Serving trays (similar to what a waiter would use). Children need to be aware of others' safety in this game. When a tower breaks or a water balloon pops, that student is out of the game. Hand the clipboard to a leader who will keep score throughout the game. Bottom Line: Serve others because of what you have been given, and not what you can get. Jesus gave his life for … Divide students into two teams of equal size and have them form two straight lines at the opposite end of where the table has been placed. Set up a long table at the front of your game play space. • 2 spoons, a pepper shaker, 2 forks, 1 plate, and a napkin - ORDER UP! You take the focus off of yourself and put it on someone else, even for just a little while. For example, one scenario shows a student bump into a classmate drinking at the water fountain, getting his face all wet. However, the most important thing to remember when it comes to teaching kindness is to model the behavior you hope to see in the children—be kind yourself, and they will be more likely to mirror that kindness. God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Games about consequences. “I like video games, but they're really violent. Community activity is part of ‘civic responsibility’. What are some ways we can preach with our actions to help those in need?3. You'll need 20+ minutes for this one but is well worth it if you have the time. The other thing about judging others is that it cheapens the price Jesus paid for mankind. For every need that they notice they get 1 point. Does this verse surprise you? – Dietrich Bonhoeffer. When students choose a youth group, they'll want a little fun mixed in with the serious side of building up their faith. Bible: Romans 2:1-3. Youth Ministry Help Here’s some real help from the real world of youth … Games About Helping Others; Games About Helping Others By Michelle Watson. You want to be the first person to return to me with the correct items in order to win a point for your team.