What to send if you need Help identifying your Clarinet. It reportedly belonged to Joe Allard at one time and then to a student of his. The Vintage, as its name implies, brings to mind the influences and colours of the 1950s. Just a starting point figure befoe I go check it out and bplay it Thanks Laurin Filter. Less than $400: Like most musical instruments, clarinets aren't exactly cheap, but you can find some reasonably priced models if you're not looking to play professionally. Old antique clarinet. Serial Number D10351. Welcome to vintagefluteshop.com where we specialize in a limited number of high quality restored French flutes, vintage Haynes, and old Powells. Some readers may want to skip to What's my French stencil clarinet worth? I have pictures if someone can help me figure out what it's value might be. Overhaul Value: $305.00 Backun Bell Value: $625.00 | Backun Barrel Value: $185.00 Added Services Combined Value (excludes the actual clarinet): $1,115.00. Buffet R13 Bb Wood Clarinet 1974 VINTAGE This Vintage Buffet R13 is very nice sounding and playing clarinet from the "golden era" of Buffet R13s. The most common student metal clarinets have an average value of only about $25 (in need of repair, but all there). Vintage Band Instruments is the premier dealer of antique musical instruments for musicians and collectors alike. £9.99 postage. Vintage Pichard Excella B♭ Wood Clarinet Paris France in Hard Case Vito Mouthpiece This vintage clarinet is marked Pichard Excella. Can you give a rough estimate on the value of a Penzel Mueller Artist clarinet. White Co. Cleveland Ohio" The mouthpiece for this clarinet is marked"Artist Model Penzel-Mueller Long Island City.N.Y. Vintage Noblet Hard Rubber alto mouthpiece, made in France, in an N2 facing. Henkin USA Clarinet 143845 with Hard Case Vintage. 20 keys 4 trill keys 6 rings fork B♭-mechanics fork F and E♭ levers duodecim connection (for in tune empty C#’’’) Supplement options: a) double C-key on upper joint b) F-lever. Behn Epic™ clarinet mouthpieces are the highest-quality CNC-machined and hand-crafted mouthpieces in the world. £25.86 postage. It is wise to beware of imitations and to know how to tell the difference in the ages of clarinets.The age dictates whether the instrument is vintage or merely old, which can make a difference of several thousand dollars in the value of the clarinet. Add to Cart. or Best Offer. Can You Hear the Difference Between a Metal and a Wooden Clarinet? In order to assist I need to see detailed pictures of the clarinet. 3.921,05 € (incl. There is no serial#! We recommend a properly restored vintage Buffet R13 to the player who prioritizes tone over anything else. Vintage Instruments require a more experienced player who knows how to control their clarinet rather than requiring the clarinet to control them. $149.00. Click & Collect. Was: C $174.54. Vintage Musical Instruments Antique Musical Instruments. C $203.00. The FB and articulated models, they went out … For sale is a 1960's Vintage Evette Paris (made by Buffet) Bb Wood Clarinet. Founded in 1972, Elderly Instruments started as a small store with a handful of instruments. It is fully refurbished, no cracks in the body and barrel (5 hairlines … Sale: $799.00 Sale Pending Who said great deals can't be found any more?! Claremont Clarinet , Soprano Made In Early 2000’s . Selmer Paris Hard Rubber D Mouthpiece for Eb Clarinet. 19% VAT) The producer has added some fine finish to this instrument, resulting in great value in terms of sound output and the level of intonation. I’ll get many email from people wanting to know what brand and model clarinet they have. Despite all of its evolutions, the clarinet has remained an important and popular fixture in orchestra settings for centuries. C $541.45. Used/Vintage Clarinet Mouthpieces. £310.27. £14.77 postage. The clarinet has roots that go way back to ancient Greece and Egypt, but the instrument we know today came to be in the early 18th century. Over 40 years later, we’ve grown into one of the world’s most respected sellers of new, used, and vintage fretted instruments.Learn more SUPERB VINTAGE 1912 BUFFET-CRAMPON (Paris) CLARINET, no cracks, ALL new pads! Metal clarinets can be found on eBay and every once in a while, a good instrument will appear for auction. Vintage Saxophone Value Guide; Many thanks to Ray Noguera of Laconia Music Center; Matt Stohrer of Stohrer of Stohrer Music; Jason Dumars of Dumars Engraving; and Curt Altarac of MusicMedic for the generous use of their materials on this site ©2014 Saxgourmet, an … The clarinet is marked"The Gladiator Made By H.N. So, how much is that old Martin Freres clarinet worth anyway? Features reproduction of 1920s Henri Chedeville. Brilhart Ebolin 3 Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet… Today there are a number of clarinetists and collectors who understand the value of the instruments. Vintage Bobby Dukoff Transitional Super Power Chamber D7 for Tenor Saxophone, Serial #1550 Sold Vintage M.C. “Detailed” means up close, really close and at specific angles. C $63.69. C $62.43 shipping. Was: Previous Price C $162.33. Vintage Boosey and Hawkes Wooden Clarinet Bell. Distinguished flutemaker David Chu and acclaimed flutist Alan Weiss are pleased to offer their many years of expertise to both players and collectors. or Best Offer. I have a question about this Bb-flat low pitch clarinet: It's a "G. L. Penzel & Müller", "one-piece", full Boehm with low Eb, rollers and swan neck register key. This plastic clarinet produces the sound similar to that of a wooden clarinet. Hello vintage clarinet experts. We are looking to sell it. 15 watching. The Vintage clarinet was developed and perfected by René Lesieux in 1996. Make sure that any metal clarinet you are interested in has a barrel, because there are many types that often got lost by the kids, and the proper replacement can be difficult to find. £125.00. I just found a Clarinet that has been handed down in my husbands family for many years. Clarinet prices. In fact, you can find very basic clarinets designed for new players that cost as little as $50 or $100. We provide professional repair and saxophone products for the serious saxophonist, from beginners to seasoned players. Each clarinet comes with 1 barrels and 1 mouthpiece. This would be a mouthpiece you could easily use with a vintage alto with the short shank, rounded out side walls and round chamber. Our oldest son played this Clarinet in elementary school. Vintage Boosey And Hawkes Clarinet with Case London Series 1-10. C $189.47. C $336.98. Highly desirable, each with Acton vent, recently leather padded. I have based my research on … Here is a list of Bb clarinets for which we are tracking the market value. If you can’t quite read the serial number in the picture, it’s 7586(the 5 is a little iffy– it might be a 6) It comes with a Vito mouthpiece and a Buffet Crampon cage. $150.00. The instrument showcases an appealing design with excellent functionality that makes it a great instrument to have. Vintage Boosey & Hawkes 8-10 Wood Clarinet, New Pads, Plays Nice, Warm Sound! Beechler White Diamond 7s Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet .064” Add to Cart. C $81.16. René Lesieux was a Master instrument maker with Buffet Crampon for more than 40 years. Omitted from the photo were the "Bassett Clarinet" (which did not exist in their line at that time), the A Bass Clarinet (which only Selmer has made in modern times), but examples of which have existed since the 1800's. VINTAGE SAXOPHONE VALUE GUIDE. Vintage Clemens Clarinet . Gregory Los Angeles 'Diamond Model' 4A 18 Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone, Serial #8408 LOT OF VINTAGE ANTIQUE CLARINETS FLUTE BUNDY DELUXE ARTLEY 18-0 THE PEDLER CO Vintage Pedler Co. Clarinet With Case 1940's Wood Serial P19281 Vintage wood winds pedler elkhart ind E 24287 Fully Restored Pedler Brand Clarinet Harry Pedler Elkhart … Vintage Barklee Clarinet with Case and Vandoren 2RV Mouthpiece #976. When looking for a vintage clarinet one should have a budget and stick with it. Neither way is right or wrong, just a reality. old wooden German Clarinet in C- open holes, 4 rings "Meinel & Herold" £139.62. 1 2 3 Next. While this page is mainly about French vintage instruments, if your instrument is from another country, look for it under the sub-pages of this page. Visit the Metal Clarinet … See more ideas about clarinet, vintage, doctor. Nov 12, 2018 - A variety of the vintage clarinets for sale on my website 'The Vintage Clarinet Doctor'. When I set out to prepare a reference guide for pricing vintage horns, I did so with the clear understanding that it’s not a perfect world, and that the preparation of a perfect value guide would be impossible. Vintage Clarinet Harry Pedler Co Elkhart With Accessories Pedler Model 166 Bb Wood Clarinet P12821 Needs rehab /pads Case VG - with docs. Vintage Barclay Clarinet With Original Case - $90 (Keizer) This is a vintage clarinet but it still playable.All keys are in good responding condition.Pads are all intact and in great condition and I will include a brand new reed.Please check all the pictures to identify the item and the condition of them.Let me know if you have any questions.RVF Item # 9482-4631-5839-C0o GM Bundy Paris Wooden Clarinet . We also have new, vintage and used clarinets and clarinet mouthpieces, reeds and accessories. Our website has a large inventory of vintage musical instruments that can be purchased online by using the security of PayPal. Length from bell ring to top of the barrel is 602 mm and that's TWO mm longer than a new A = 440 Buffet-Crampon R-13. Sometimes these mouthpieces are referred to as 'Torpedos' due to their slim, rounded profile. Antique 1800s E Albert (Brussels) Clarinet + case. Excellent value way to experience orchestral playing with a pair of clarinets S/H Clarinet - PAIR - B&H Symphony 1010 Wooden Bb 435671 , A 442882 VGC with Acton vents & original m/p - IN WORKSHOP SH-135-0195 £1,495.00 *Excellent condition Vintage 1010 clarinet pair from B&H. Paris France. 1740 Arrow Bb Clarinet Grenadilla Wood – Entry Level Professional – up to $950 C $157.08. It's not for everybody, though. or Best Offer. New, vintage and used saxophones and mouthpieces, reeds and accessories for sale. This particular clarinet has an interesting history. Value of Martin Freres Vintage Woodwinds. New pads about 4 years ago. Displaying Page 1 of 3. The box says Boosey and Hawkes and the only markings on the clarinet its self is sil-va-lae with a design. That being said, many of the vintage instruments on these pages are very nice intermediate-level instruments. 826-G1, made in France in 1912. I collect vintage saxes and have been offered this horn, but he wants me to make an offer. That said, we strongly recommend starting at the $100 to $150 mark.